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Out of all of your favorite books, pick just one you'd recommend everyone read. As a bonus: why did you pick that one?

Don DeLillo's White Noise. It's a postmodern masterpiece that is intensely touching in the way that it comments on the human experience while discussing (and sometimes critiquing) America's reliance on the media and the supermarket, the modern family unit, and the constant threat of biological mishaps/warfare. Though the book was published in 1984, it remains a striking and somewhat prophetic read. It's, by far, one of the most multifaceted books I've ever read... One that touched me when I was at my lowest and consoled me by reminding me that my worries are not unique to me.
Veronica & Logan

"How can you be so warm? How can you know what I feel?"

I enjoy the coziness of this dreary, rainy weather. I've been on the verge of a nap since I got up this morning. Thinking I'll go pick up my book and/or watch tv when I finish this entry.

I'm hopeful for fall.

Hopefully I'll get to take my sister out shopping tomorrow. I don't know why I'm so excited about it! When I told Mama that I was going to buy Makayla some nice clothes, she got all sniffly.

And I'm so friggin' hungover.
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good musics

"How were my eyes so blinded? Each feather, it fell from skin..."

I am so overwhelmed.  And actually feel like I need a nap today.

Need to:
- Get the sundry supplies I have to have to make my illuminated manuscript for Chaucer class.  And find a good border design to mock for the project.
- Find two sources for my Shakespeare paper; write prospectus to turn in by 5 tomorrow.
- Finish the friggin' workshop short story for creative writing that was due a week ago; email it out.
- Distribute all past work to classmates.
- Rework 3 poems, 1 non-fiction piece, and 1 fiction piece to put into my portfolio.
- Rework another fiction piece for fiction project.
- Compose my magazine of other people's work.  Ugh.
- Find a passage to memorize for Shakespeare.  Memorize it.
- Make time to read Troilus and Cressida (Chaucer).
- Make time to read The Tempest.  Just read the sparknotes.
- Go back and complete my journal assignments.
- Write Shakespeare paper.

- Get a haircut.
- Stop being afraid of the pool/sun.
- Start having light suppers early enough to walk in the afternoons.  Find tennis shoes.
- Stop worrying so much about how we'll get by this summer.
- Stop having weird dreams.
- Fucking graduate already.
- Take care of that little problem of missing registration for fall.
- Stop obsessing about she-who-must-not-be-named (that's a whole other story altogether).
- Stop being guilted into raiding so much.
- See family.
- Clean the apartment, make friends, and throw a party--in that order.
- Have a date night.
- Buy half of the songs on my Modest Mouse Pandora station.
- Try this mysterious "Bubble Tea" phenomenon.
- Stop regretting not being the one to give the eulogy at my grandfather's funeral.  This literally plagues me every day.
- Stop lusting after 1/3 of the sundresses at Old Navy.

Not to ruin my listing theme.  Things on my desk:

- Febreze - linen & sky scent.
- Lubriderm lotion; unscented sensitive skin formula (that Adam usually uses more than me for his sandpaper elbows).
- Can o' air.
- Pink emery board.
- Pepcid Complete chewables; nasty berry flavor.
- My green iPod.
- Bag of Halls Breezers; Cool Berry flavor (hasn't been touched in months).
- Empty MAC Paint Pot (Bare Study) box.
- Wad of toilet paper from the sobfest last night.

Yes, let's go to my house.  Take naps.
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I <3 Miranda

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Adam would have night terrors if I put my dick in his mouth.

Yes, we did just have that conversation.

Fucking rickrolls. I cannot get that song out of my head.